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debra forstenzer
hannah sarbin

hannah sarbin, cofounder

Debra Forstenzer, cofounder

Welcome to edition.eyes, a full-service agency representing and delivering a first to market portfolio of curated collections of the most authentic eyewear to the U.S. Our mission is to provide select retailers with ever-changing products making their stores distinctive in design, customer appeal and price/value.

Drawing from the worlds of art galleries and fashion showrooms, we present collections with a focus on themes, new designers, emerging trends and innovative technologies.

Our curators, Debra Forstenzer and Hannah Sarbin, global eyewear leaders, seek out and discover new and emerging brands, edit their selection with a buyer’s critical eye, and partner with optical and fashion retailers in a new consultative model. We discover brands you wouldn’t ordinarily find, work with you to match these brands to your retail environment, facilitate the import process and develop strategies to energize your business to attract new and repeat customers.

Through our pop-up showrooms and events, we invite retailers into the “world of eyewear and its stories” to order first to market collections merchandised and ready to feature in stores.